Chamber קאמרי

2005    Serenade for Cello, Guitar and Violin, Lübbecke Summer Kultur      Festival, DE
2010   Episodes on the Jewish Fate of an Artist, 3 Duets for Violin and                       Guitar, Stadtmuseum Trier, DE

2011   Jugar Con Fuego for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Guitar and Piano

          ​       ​ 
2012   Homage to Cantor Abraham Beniso for Quartet and Tape
           Autoridad Nasionala del Ladino

2012   The Dream Recorder for Amplified ensemble and tape,


  Inbal Ethnic Centre, Suzanne Dalal
           A Hebrew Capriccio, complete chamber CD :

           recorded and released by the German based label: Smoothfactor,  including the works:
      Arabah for Clarinet and Guitar (published by IMI)
      Noches for Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola, 2 Cellos, and specially tuned guitar
      Bowl of Cherries for Piano
      Max's Landscape for Violin and Guitar
      Capriccio for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Guitar
      Jugar Con Fuego for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Guitar and Piano
      Jacobs Ladder for Piano
      Capriccio as an Afterthoughtfor Viola and Guitar

​2016  Acordeme de mi Tanerfor Trio


2017  Guitar Impressions


​       Jerusalem de Sefarad  a Suite for Classical Guitar based on Spanish &  Portuguese Themes  Premier: University of Lisbon 

published internationally by ORTAV


2019  Three Childhood Scenes from across the Mediterranean A Triptych for Guitar and Viola : published by IMI

        Jaffa Duets for Guitar and Recorder

        Florentine for Bass Clarinet

        A Vital Street for Guitar and Clarinet

Symphonic תזמורתי

The Gibraltar Suite for Cantor and Small Ensemble, 2004 Gibraltar Tercentenary


The Sefarad Symphony,  2004


Keter Malchut for Orchestra,  Raanana Symphony Orchestra 2006   


Dialogue, Concerto for Guitar and Youth Orchestra, Budapest,   Hungary 2008


Uri's Musical Box, Orchestral fantasy for children, comissioned by the Pais Arts Council 2010


​2014   "Ka'chalom Yauf"  Like a Fleeting Dream: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Ph.D Work


​2018  Shachar Abakeshcha, a Poem by Ibn Gabirol Composed for the Ladino  Orc.

2019  Ladino orchestral  arr. for Kobi Aflalo

2020 La Palmera y la Luna for guitar and orchestra

        Commissioned by the Arab Jewish Orchestra

Discography דיסקוגרפיה

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Jaffa Duets 2020
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A Hebrew Capriccio 2015
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Jerusalem De Sefarad 2018
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Like A Fleeting Dream 2014
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Ensemble Live 2008
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Keter Malchut 2004
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